Comic distribution has been broken for a long time- but now thereís a solution.

Itís you.

Readers are already spreading the word about Vivid books- now they can get paid for it.

Purchase 5 or more of any individual title from this page, and you receive a bulk discount. Deal to your friends or local stores, and set your own profit margins. Because middlemen no longer control the comic market- you do.
Order using the Paypal button below-
be sure to list the item code and quantity. (Minumum quantity 5 per item to qualify for the Dealer Discount.)

Shipping free within the continental US.
You'll receive a confirmation e-mail from Amazon when your inventory ships- we send orders the first week of every month.
Read our blog for details,
suggestions, and specifics.
Compare notes with other dealers
in the Discord chat.
Pre-branded business cards,
flyers, and order sheets.
These titles can be purchased through our Dealer System while inventory permits. When purchasing 5 or more of any given title, Dealers get a 40% discount.
No returns- Do or Die.
  • Title &
    Item Code
  • Suggested
  • Dealer
  • Dealer
  • Volume 1
  • Suggested
    retail: $20 ea.
  • 40% off
  • $60 per 5
    ($12 ea)
  • Volume 4
  • Suggested
    retail: $25 ea.
  • 40% off
  • $75 per 5
    ($15 ea)
  • Prelude 1
  • Suggested
    retail: $50 ea.
  • 40% off
  • $150 per 5
    ($30 ea)
Certified Vivid Dealers are listed below. Certified Dealers have met goals which open them up to better discounts and other perks. Learn more about dealer certification here.
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