How would you feel if people were telling you what to like?

How would it feel to see talentless twitter lunatics twist your culture into a cringeworthy sermon? To watch helplessly as corporate overlords erase every sharp feature of your stories, surrounding you with market-tested sanctimonious Geek Culture(TM)?

Another remake. Another sequel. Each more stunning and bland than the last.

Culture is caged.


You can submit, gobble at the trough, exhaust your passions as the algorithmic god dictates-


Or you can chart a new path.


That's what we've been doing, since 2006. Dave & Liz founded Vivid to pursue unflinching creative freedom, and their comic Dreamkeepers has grown to include a prequel webcomic, spinoff novel, tabletop game, orchestral score, video game and animation in development...

But enough about us. Vivid has quite the crew- and it's growing.

Banned creators. Award-winning books. Most-wanted denizens featured on over 160 blocklists and counting. You're not gonna read stories like these anywhere else.

Most people will be lining up for that next Hollywood remake, that same old comic universe retcon.

Most people are not here. Most people are not you.

Here you can explore new worlds, be yourself, and connect with readers who feel the same. Kiss cancel culture goodbye forever. Here we can build a glimmering corner of freedom and fun, because sharp is better than big.

Read what you want.

Play what you want.

Think what you want.

Cut free, and be Vivid.



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