Read what you want. Think what you want. Cut free, and be Vivid.

Become your own comic shop, no bricks attached. Deal over social media, in person, at conventions- table or no table.

Permission is the past. Get paid. Be Vivid.

Customers shopping the Vivid store will get 5% off their entire order
if they use your Dealer Code during checkout- and then you get paid.
x Print files- use these at to secure your own QR-enabled Vivid cards.
Dealers earn the sales commissions listed here. We ship merchandise once a week, and pay dealers at the end of the month.
  • Title
  • Sales
  • Dreamkeepers Volume 1
  • Earn $1
  • Dreamkeepers Volume 2
  • Earn $1
  • Dreamkeepers Volume 3
  • Earn $2
  • Dreamkeepers Volume 4
  • Earn $10
  • Prelude Collection 1
  • Earn $25
  • Wayward Astronomer
  • Earn $8
  • Firebrat
  • Earn $8
  •          Skirmish Deluxe Boxed
  • Earn $15
  • Ruthless Expansion Deck
  • Earn $5
  •          Playmat
  • Earn $10
(Net 30)
Some items get a bulk discount when 5+ are ordered at once. The bulk discount will apply automatically for eligible items, but there are no sales commissions distributed for any bulk purchases. Bulk availability and commission rates are based on the manufacturing cost of the item and marketplace fees, they are subject to change.

Those interested in joining our dealer system, e-mail Vivid CEO David Lillie.

We will seriously consider applicants with an established audience or sales experience. New blood will be asked to place a bulk order for five Volume 1’s. No returns. If you can close those sales, then you have sales experience.

Approved Dealers will receive an agreement via e-mail, and we’ll roll from there.

Vivid can discontinue a Dealer code at any time, we’ll keep Dealers in the loop if and when we reset codes.

Happy hunting.








































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