Can't make the convention? Settle in, the dealer's room is coming to you. Browse the tables below and snag everything you like.




2019 was great! 2020 signups coming soon- Watch here or the Vivid Publishing twitter for the signup launch.
Convention staff forgot to add your favorite artist or dealer? Woops! Well you can find them here. Hopefully you don't mind missing out on the lines.
Dreamkeepers &
Vivid Publishing
Comics, games, music, commissions, and more from Dave & Liz. Plus original art auctions featuring some of our more collectible creations- Indigo, Vi, and Playmat pencils. Enjoy the table!

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Furry Dakimakura
Dakis, wall scrolls, mousepads and other goodies from your favorite furry vendor. Enter COUCHCON2019 at checkout for 10% off your entire order.

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Feret Studios
Commissions, badges, pins, buttons, and other goodies from FeretStudios! Take a peak!

Shop on Etsy.

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Chakat Windshear Wares
We have the largest selection of furry Japanese doujinshi around along with artwork,prints,comics,fanzines,portfolios and more. .

Shop at: Windshearswares

Questions? E-mail us at windshear(at)
World's Greatest Furry Artist! Commissions ranging from 7 feet tall to the size of your badge.

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M & T Comics & Cards
The community's most prolific dealer. Shop for all your comics, graphic novels, DVDs, toys, statues, etc right here. If it is listed in Previews, it is available through M&T Comics.

Everything you can imagine and more from M&T Comics.

Catch M&T's Couchcon specials this weekend!
Shanda the Panda #50 1 copy free with every order of $50.00 or more.


50% Off website prices:

Genus #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Shanda the Panda #1 (either publisher)

Katmandu 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

All Sonic The Hedgehog and Knuckles comics from (Archie Comics Publishing)

All Issues of Furrlough, Gold Digger, Mouse Guard, Omaha the Cat Dancer (only single comics NOT TPs)

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Couchcon has panels! Watch live here, the schedule is here.