We're looking for vivid things to print. Mainly stories- novels, graphic novels- but we're open to exceptions.

Send us a submission package containing:

Signed copy of the submission agreement.

Cover letter including a contact e-mail.

A physical copy of your book.

Mail your package to:

Vivid Publishing
PO Box 1201
Monroe, MI 48162

Submission Agreement- pretty self explanatory. We live in the most litigious nation in the history of the human species, it's necessary.

Cover letter- Include your e-mail, so we can get in touch with you. Tell us a little about where you're coming from, why this book is important to you, what your hopes and plans are for your work. This is so we have some context, and it's also a secret test to weed out people who use all-caps and don't spell-check.

A Book- yes, we would like a literal printed copy of your book. There are a few reasons for this.

      Lots of people like the idea of making a book- only a fraction will actually finish one. We can't spend our time dealing with hypothetical books. This ensures we're looking at viable titles, and creators who know firsthand the work required.
      Additionally, receiving a finished book tells us the creator has learned to polish their efforts, work with on-demand printers, and successfully fill orders through the mail. The more independent and competent an author is, the better.

      We link a few printers on our resources page, but there are many more out there. If your book is of a size or format that is incompatible with on-demand printing, give us a link to where we can browse a print resolution PDF.

      The last benefit of asking for a book from you: if we decline your submission- and we may forego some excellent work- you're already well on the way to being successful in your own right.

After you submit:

      We'll drop a quick e-mail when the package arrives. I plan to review submissions at least twice a year, hopefully more often- so you can expect a decision from us within a few months. Accepted or not, I'll be happy to share my thoughts on your work, along with advice about how to proceed. We're looking forward to seeing your book!

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