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What We're Looking For.

What We're Looking For.

      If that sounds good to you, the next subject becomes pertinent. Since we're the gatekeepers for Vivid, what's our criteria for admission? What are we looking for, exactly?

      I have no idea.

      And I don't think anyone following a list of David's Bullet-points will create something that comes from the heart.

      I can tell you what we're not necessarily looking for. We're not seeking a title that is objectively good, or popular, or profitable. Those are all great things- but they're not foremost.

      I don't want a gargantuan catalog of titles- Vivid is a personal company, and I can only accept things that I am personally enamored with. If I'm not head-over-heels excited to share a book, then I've got to forego it.

      So what are we looking for?

      All I can say is that I'll know it when I see it.

      Onward to the submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines



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