Without a solid story, even stellar art falls flat. Learn the secrets that will bring your story to life- the skills revealed in these books are utterly critical to your story's effectiveness.

David's top three recommended writing books:

Wired For Story

Invisible Ink

Story Engineering

Essential for novelists:

Self Editing for Fiction Writers

Also helpful:

Storycraft from Jim Butcher

The Golden Theme

Story Physics

Conflict and Suspense

The Hidden Tools of Comedy

Make a Scene

The Writer's Guide to Psychology

I'd advise reading the customer reviews before purchasing these and other books, it's a good way to know what to expect. All these titles have great info, buried in varying levels of writing.

There's always more to learn, and it's never too late to improve.

A few tutorials from us:

Action Lines

Color Blocking

Photoshop Shading

Tracy Butler has a magnificent selection:

How to Draw

Construction Drawing

How to Paint

Making a Comic


Character Design

And we would be remiss to forget Mr. McCloud:

Making Comics

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